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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Pearl Aday is related to Meatloaf. She's his daughter or daughter in law or some such deal... she sang backup in his band for a while and this is her breakaway solo project... THANK GOD! Pearl is an amazingly pure kick ass full throttle female fronted rock and roll band and I tell you I cannot get enough! Just as Orianthi has hidden her true rock self in pop, Pearl has emerged like the phoenix on fire! Scott Ian of Anthrax plays guitar along with Jim Wilson and the riffs are aplenty. Super solid rhythm section Marcus Blake on bass and Eric Leiderman on drums. Produced with just the right touch of rock sloppy by Joe Barresi who has worked with Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age and I believe is producing the next Bad Religion effort due out in 2010 (that should be awesome by the way!) The CD (which does not come with liner note if purchased on I-Tunes...Grrrr) starts off with Rock Child a message to those who came before (Janis Joplin, Joan Osborne Etc) that simply says I am here and I am ready. Track three Broken White is when we first start to see the artist past her influences and get a glimpse of what I expect future releases to celebrate openly. Track four Check Out Charlie has Ted Nugent taking time out from being a right wing, bow hunting kook to lay down some seriously nasty guitar with enough dark overtones to make you wonder what Pearl might be hiding.Track five Mama is what you would expect in the bluesy Joplin tradition yet it still manages to rock hard and smack of authenticity which is something only mature artists seem to be able to do. My favorite song after my third listen is Nobody which is an introspective journey that comes to form after a moody verse to a bigger than life of wall of guitars chorus that needs to be heard to be believed! All in all this record plays like a snapshot of the artist, all the passion, pain, love and fearless dedication that it takes to bear your soul for the world to see.
It doesn't matter if you are related to someone famous you just can't fake this. Keep it real Pearl, keep it real.
4.0 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers

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